Tanisha lives with her older sister and helps with the rent by paying $500 per month. Her annual salary as a child care specialist is $14,700 after taxes. Shopping is her favorite pasttime and loves buying new things, but she also wants to save money for her college classes. Select the budget that would best help meet her goals. a.Budget Ab.Budget Bc.Budget Cd.Budget D

Accepted Solution

Answer:  Option 'B' is correct.Step-by-step explanation:Annual salary of her = $14700Monthly salary would be [tex]\dfrac{14700}{12}=\$1225[/tex]She wants to purchase new things after spending on expenses and save money for her college classes.According to options :We can consider Budget B and D as the monthly salary is correct in these budgets only, i.e. $1225.In Budget B,Total money she saved = $400In Budget D, Total money she saved = $400So, Budget B is the best which helping meet her goals.Hence, Option 'B' is correct.