Claudia was cooking breakfast for her entire family. She made double the amount of chocolate chip pancakes as she did regular pancakes. She only made half as many blueberry pancakes as she did regular pancakes. Claudia also knows her family loves sausage, so she made triple the amount of sausage as blueberry pancakes.a. How many of each breakfast item did Claudia make if she cooked 90 items in total?b. After everyone ate breakfast, there were 4 chocolate chip pancakes, 5 regular pancakes, 1 blueberry pancake, and no sausage left. How many of each item did the family eat?

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. The correct answer is 18 regular pancakes, 36 chocolate chip pancakes, 9 blueberry pancakes and 27 sausages. b. The family ate 32 chocolate chip pancakes, 13 regular pancakes, 8 blueberry pancakes and the 27 sausages.Step-by-step explanation:We start to determine the number of regular pancakes to start doing the multiplications, if we have 18 regular pancakes, and she made double chocolate chip pancakes that means she made 36 chocolate chips pancakes, half of the regular so she made 9 blueberry pancakes, and the triple quantity of sausages as she made of blueberry pancakes, so she made 27 sausages, which total is 90 items.To answer question b. you just need to subtract the items left to the items prepare of each breakfast.